Friday, March 7, 2008

Mystery TV Themes: THE SAINT

Spotlighting the great opening themes from mystery/crime TV shows ...

THE SAINT (1962-69)
Based on the popular character created in the 1920s by Leslie Charteris, this long-running British mystery thriller series starred Sir Roger Moore as Simon Templar. One of the few British shows to air on American network television, the initial black-and-white seasons did so well in syndication that NBC picked up the color episodes in 1966.

The theme was by Edwin Astley (1922-1998), a British composer who composed for many British television series of the '50s and '60s, including The Adventures of Robin Hood, Gideon's Way, The Baron, and The Champions. He also wrote the original theme for Danger Man -- but when the episodes aired in the U.S. as Secret Agent, Astley's theme was removed. His theme for The Saint was recorded again in 1997 by Orbital for the film starring Val Kilmer.

Astley has multiple connections to classic rock band The Who: His eldest daughter married the band's Pete Townshend; son Jon Astley produced and remastered The Who's reissues; and Astley's last work was a 1998 symphonic interpretation of Who music called Who's Serious: The Symphonic Music of the Who. The composer died in 1998 after several years of illness.



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  1. Great information about the Saint, and thank you for the link to about Leslie Charteris and The Saint! Simon Templar will return to TV soon, so watch for The Return of The Saint!


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