Thursday, August 12, 2010

M SQUAD (1957) vs. POLICE SQUAD (1982)

A pair of main titles from classic cop shows -- the original and its parody: M Squad (NBC, 1957-60) starred Lee Marvin as Detective Lieutenant Frank Ballinger, a member of a special unit of the Chicago Police assisting other units battling violent crime city-wide. The 1982 parody series Police Squad starred Leslie Nielsen as Detective Frank Drebin; it only lasted six episodes on ABC, but led to the successful Naked Gun movies.

1957 M Squad TV Lee Marvin -- theme by Count Basie

Police Squad! Intro (In Color) -- theme by by composer Ira Newborn (parody of the M Squad theme)

M Squad Theme - Count Basie - 1959

More Cop TV Themes:
Hawaii Five-O 2010, 1996, 1975
Opening Theme: THE ROOKIES
Opening Theme: KOJAK
Mystery TV Themes: DRAGNET (1950s, 2003)

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