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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Space Precinct: The Complete Series on DVD

Hitting retailers Nov. 23 is Gerry Anderson’s Space Precinct: The Complete Series, available as a 5-DVD set or for Digital Download. From the creator of Space 1999, Thunderbirds and UFO, Space Precinct chronicles of two cops battling the cosmic criminals that menace their new world.

Lieutenant Patrick Brogan (Ted Shackelford), a veteran of New York’s mean streets, and his rookie partner Officer Jack Haldane (Rob Youngblood) have been transferred to the planet Altor -- where it is their job to protect the law-abiding citizens of Demeter City. Lost amongst planetary felons, galactic gangs…all the debris of criminal constellations…it is their job to investigate crimes committed by aliens as well as humans.

The Space Precinct DVD will be available prior to the Syfy Channel marathon from Nov. 30 through Dec. 1. For more information, check out, featuring over 500 never-before-seen behind the scenes photos from the making of the series, along with complete episode guides with full cast & crew, as well as breaking news about the series and links to all things Gerry Anderson.

Space Precinct Opening Titles

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DANGER MAN, RUMPOLE 60-percent off

Until Nov. 21, Amazon is running a big sale on select DVD box sets -- including 60-percent off the 18-disc Secret Agent AKA Danger Man: The Complete Collection (SLIMLINE) and the 14-disc Rumpole of the Bailey: Complete Series Megaset.


Secret Agent AKA Danger Man: The Complete Collection
It was 1965 when American audiences first welcomed handsome secret agent John Drake (Patrick McGoohan of The Prisoner) into their homes as CBS ran the unique spy series known as Secret Agent. Wielding brains and a moral outlook instead of weapons, Drake traveled to the corners of the globe on the trail of international criminals, corrupt politicians, and stolen secrets.

Now, all 86 episodes from John Drakes entire crime-solving career are available together on DVD. Each episode of this exciting spy thriller is presented in the original broadcast order, from the original season that aired only in the U.K. as Danger Man to the 47 episodes of Secret Agent that were seen internationally, including the two color episodes that provided a vivid finale to the long-running suspense thriller.

Rumpole of Bailey: Complete Series Megaset
All Rise! The Critically Acclaimed Legal Drama RUMPOLE OF THE BAILEY holds court on DVD.

An immensely popular series broadcast on PBS from 1978 to 1992, RUMPOLE OF THE BAILEY set a new bar for all courtroom dramas to come. Balancing suspense and satire as deftly as the scale of justice, Horace Rumpole tirelessly defends the downtrodden while undressing the upper classes. A timeless mixture of comedy and drama, RUMPOLE OF THE BAILEY was one of televisions most celebrated courtroom dramas.

Flawlessly adapted by John Mortimer from his best-selling Edgar Award-winning novels, and starring the esteemed Leo McKern (A Man for All Seasons), this 14-disc DVD Megaset includes all 42 episodes from the seven seasons of RUMPOLE OF THE BAILEY.

BONUS FEATURES: Feature-Length Bonus Movie Rumpole's Return; Mortimer's Musings--An Interview with John Mortimer; McKern's Memories with Actress Abigail McKern (Daughter of Leo McKern); Episode Introductions with John Mortimer; Spot the Barrister-Highlighting John Mortimer's Impromptu Appearances; Newspaper Evidence; John Mortimer Biography; John Mortimer Bibliography and Selected Credits; About the Old Bailey; Official Executioners of Newgate Prison

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