Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We have the technology. We have the DVDs.

Time Life has posted a couple more videos promoting the deluxe DVD set that is The Six Million Dollar Man: The Complete Series. The 40-disc package includes every episode, every crossover episode, every TV movie, brand-new interviews, and more! Links to more info below.

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From TVShowsOnDVD:
10/29/2010 Two New Photos, at Different Angles, of The Complete Series DVDs!
10/25/2010 New Video Clips of 'The Complete Series' DVDs Includes a New View of the Packaging
10/08/2010 'Welcome Home, Jaime': Will it have Correct Titles on the DVDs After All?
9/29/2010 Time-Life Shares Several Sneak Preview Clips from Extras on The Complete Series
9/24/2010 More Box Art Pics, Plus Fan Questions Answered, for 'The Complete Series' DVDs
9/14/2010 Official Time-Life Press Release and Package Art for 'The Complete Series'!

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