Monday, September 26, 2011


At long last, Kojak: Season Two is available on DVD:

Telly Savalas returns as the lollipop-packing dapper detective Theo Kojak in another unforgettable season of the renowned mystery series. Season Two features Lieutenant Kojak laying down the law in homicide cases involving organized crime, terrorists, drug traffickers, a serial bomber and a killer multimillion-dollar thief in an investigation that sends Kojak undercover as a Greek millionaire. Whether he’s utilizing his irresistible charm or bending the rules to catch a murderer, you can always bet that Kojak will close the case.

Created by Emmy and Academy Award winning writer Abby Mann, Kojak ran for five seasons on CBS from 1973 1978 and remains a legendary series among homicide dramas. All 25 Original Season Two Episodes 

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Kojak - Season One
Kojak: Season Two

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Perry Mason: Season Six, Vol. 1

Coming to DVD in October is the first half of the sixth season of Perry Mason (out of nine seasons total). Raymond Burr stars as the attorney who specializes in defending seemingly indefensible cases. With the aid of secretary Della Street (Barbara Hale) and investigator Paul Drake (William Hopper), Mason often finds that by digging deeply into the facts, startling facts can be revealed. Often relying on his outstanding courtroom skills, he often tricks or traps people into unwittingly admitting their guilt.

Perry Mason: Season Six, Vol. 1 includes the first 14 episodes from the 1962-63 season:

"The Case of the Bogus Books"
"The Case of the Capricious Corpse"
"The Case of the Playboy Pugilist"
"The Case of the Double-Entry Mind"
"The Case of the Hateful Hero"
"The Case of the Dodging Domino"
"The Case of the Unsuitable Uncle"
"The Case of the Stand-In Sister"
"The Case of the Weary Watchdog"
"The Case of the Lurid Letter"
"The Case of the Fickle Filly"
"The Case of the Polka Dot Pony"
"The Case of the Shoplifter's Shoe"
"The Case of the Bluffing Blast"

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Perry Mason (50th Anniversary Edition)
Perry Mason - Season One, Vol. 1
Perry Mason - Season One, Vol. 2
Perry Mason - Season Two, Vol. 1
Perry Mason - Season Two, Vol. 2
Perry Mason - Season 3, Vol. 1
Perry Mason - The Third Season - Vol. 2
Perry Mason: Season 4, Vol. 1
Perry Mason: Season Four, Vol. 2
Perry Mason: Season Five, Vol. 1
Perry Mason: Season Five, Volume 2
Perry Mason: Season Six, Vol. 1
Perry Mason: Season 6 V.2

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NEW TRICKS Season 5 on DVD Sept 27

Fifth season of the smash hit U.K. crime series debuts on DVD
NEW TRICKS Season 5 on DVD September 27, 2011

"Mysteries are top notch, twisty and ingeniously solved…Great fun"—PaperMag
"Cutting-edge Brit TV"—The Guardian
"Well crafted, well acted"—Mail on Sunday

Silver Spring, Md —Returning with more sharp writing, dry humor, and engrossing mysteries, New Tricks: Season 5 debuts on DVD from Acorn Media on September 27, 2011. Starring Amanda Redman (Sexy Beast), Dennis Waterman (The Sweeney, Circles of Deceit), Alun Armstrong (Garrow’s Law, Bleak House, Patriot Games), and James Bolam (The Beiderbecke Affair), New Tricks follows a team of semi-retired and somewhat curmudgeonly detectives as they reinvestigate cold cases. The series has run on the BBC for seven seasons since 2003 with an eight season currently in production, and has enjoyed ongoing broadcast exposure in North America on public television, garnering fans on both sides of the Atlantic for its compelling stories, likeable characters, and a top-notch cast. The DVD 3-Disc Set includes all eight episodes from Season 5, plus a bonus behind-the-scenes featurette.

“The most popular program on British TV” (Daily Mail) returns with more old-school crime solving and witty banter. Superintendent Sandra Pullman (Amanda Redman) and her team of aging cops tackle cold cases abandoned by the Metropolitan Police. Each detective has a fair share of personal demons: Jack Halford (James Bolam) is haunted by his wife’s murder. Gerry Standing (Dennis Waterman) has a troubled relationship with his daughter. Brian Lane (Alun Armstrong) battles the bottle, and Sandra seeks the truth about her family’s shady past.

Season 5 guest stars include Claire Bloom (The King’s Speech), James Fox (A Passage to India), David Troughton (The Norman Conquests), and Ronald Pickup (The Rector’s Wife).

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New Tricks: Season One
New Tricks: Season Two
New Tricks: Series Three
New Tricks: Season Four
New Tricks: Season 5

Monday, September 19, 2011

Opening Theme: DANGER MAN (1960-1962 and 1964-1968)

The British espionage series Danger Man, starring Patrick McGoohan as secret agent John Drake, ran as a half-hour series 1960-62. It was revived as a one-hour series 1964-68, and retitled Secret Agent when it aired in the U.S. The original "The Danger Man Theme" and "High Wire" themes were composed by Edwin Astley. The U.S. theme "Secret Agent Man" was composed by P.F. Sloan and Steve Barri, and recorded by Johnny Rivers.

Danger Man Opening

Danger Man Theme - Edwin Astley Orchestra - 1965 45rpm

Secret Agent Man Intro Theme Song (Johnny Rivers)

Danger Man TV Preview

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Opening Theme: IRONSIDE (1967-1975)

Theme by Quincy Jones. Series starring Raymond Burr.

Ironside Opening Theme - Main Version

Quincy Jones - Ironside (Original Version, Good Quality)

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